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Company Profile

It is my pleasure to introduce you to ZanQian Garment Co., Ltd. This is a clothing company with good reputation, focusing on quality and professional design that integrates industry and trade. The company is located in Quanzhou, Fujian Province and was established in 2021. Its predecessor was ZhiQiang Garment Co., Ltd. established in 2009. We have a wide range of clothing, mainly producing business, jackets, outdoor and other series of clothing. The factory covers an area of ​​5000 square meters and has 150 skilled workers. Having operations in multiple countries is a testament to our success in the apparel industry.
ZanQian has world-class production equipment and a skilled management talent team. From design, development, production, quality control to shipment, all links are strictly controlled to ensure excellent product quality and a sound management system. The certifications we have obtained, such as ISO Quality Certification and Environmental Management Certification, further demonstrate our commitment to meeting international standards.
ZanQian's future remains with hard work, innovation, and dedication in keeping with ever-changing aesthetic needs.
ZanQian's goal is to create a first-class brand that excels in function, technology, workmanship, style, color, etc.
In addition, ZanQian emphasizes on providing the best possible service to its customers. If you are interested in our products or want to seek potential cooperation, you are welcome to visit ZanQian Garment Co., Ltd. If you have any questions or specific needs, please feel free to contact us. If you require any additional information, we are always available to assist you further.
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ODM/OEM custom Process

1. Customers to draw samples, according to customer requirements to copy customer samples, customer approval, enter the order.
2. The customer designs the effect drawing, the customer selects the fabric, the sample room of our company implements the proofing, the customer approves, and the order is entered.

Our teams

There are 150 employees here engaged in different types of work. Their diverse expertise allows us to enjoy the following advantages: 

* By having this diverse workforce, we are able to leverage each's strengths and provide outstanding service to our clients.

Why Choose Us


Having employees with different job types means we can gain expertise and skills from multiple areas. This allows us to solve a variety of problems and challenges and provide a full range of services. 


Employees in each type of work have their own unique skills and knowledge, and can support and complement each other in teamwork. This collaborative effort increases efficiency and ensures our workflow is smoother.

Innovation ability

Employees in each job type have unique creativity and professional insights. By working together and integrating diverse perspectives, we are able to continually innovate and provide our clients with unique and personalized solutions.


Our diverse workforce gives us the flexibility to adapt to different needs and projects. Whether it is mass production or special needs, we are able to provide high-quality work results.

Quality Assurance

Employees in every job category are committed to delivering outstanding work results. Their expertise and experience ensure the quality of our products and services is of the highest standard.